To register your child for a place at Krabi Nursery Bilingual  you are required to complete a registration form and prepare the below required documents. 
A place will be guaranteed at
Krabi Nursery Bilingual when we are in receipt of the entry fees and first time’s fees. 

Required Documents for Application  

                                                 1. A copy of birth certificate                                                             1 copy  

                                                 2. A copy of current medical certificate                                             1 copy  

                                                 3. A copy of residence certificate                                                      1 copy 
                                                 4. 2-inch Photo                                                                                   2 copies  

                                                 5. Photo/Copy of residence certificate and ID card /
                                                   / Copy of passport/visa (Parents)                                                     1 copy


All fees are charged 3 times a year and 2 times a term in advance and must be paid by Cash or Direct Debit.

Extra days, sessions and hours outside that of your core booking are often available and can be obtained on an ad-hoc basis. These are booked directly with the Managing Director and must be paid for in advance. These sessions are subject to availability.



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